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Jonathan Watson, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Specialist

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Advanced Arthroscopic Techniques

Arthroscopic surgery, also known as arthroscopy, is a surgical procedure to visualize, diagnose, and treat problems inside a joint using a specialized instrument known as an arthroscope.

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Patient Testimonials

  • My wife and I had a great consultation with Dr. Watson. He is very easy to talk to and listens to your concerns, before giving his opinion/recommendation. Have recommended him to my son, who has a bad back. Lill and Ed, Orland Park
  • Dr. Watson was courteous and approachable, explained his diagnosis of my issues in easy to understand terms. I was happy with the treatment.
  • Dr. Watson was an excellent surgeon who made sure to keep all his patients needs on top. He makes the procedures seem less terrifying while being completely honest about everything that will transpire.
  • Dr. Watson has great bedside manners and was very thorough regarding my treatment. His front office staff and medical assistants were very helpful with all of my needs.

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  • Physical therapy (PT) is an exercise program that helps you improve movement, relieve pain, encourage blood flow for faster healing, and restore your physical function and fitness level. The main goal of physical therapy is to make your daily activities such as walking.
  • Physical Therapy


  • X-ray technology is used for the examination of internal organs, bones, blood vessels, and the progression of diseases such as cancer. It can also detect infection, blockages and foreign objects.
  • X-Ray